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The Press Under Pressure project was created by the Press Club Belarus team in the fall 2020 and still can't be deemed completed. The number of affected journalists keeps growing, stories added and continued.

Repressions against journalists in Belarus 2020–2022

Beatings, injuries, detentions. Searches, arrests, court hearings, prisons. Website blocks, refusal to print and distribute, revocation of credentials…

Repressions against journalists in Belarus 2020–2022 Read more
Case of Iryna Leushina

"She has always kept an eye on the agency adhering to the standards of journalism: be objective, listen to all sides of a conflict, be precise, verify information, avoid mistakes, disinformation. Strict compliance with the standards of journalism as required for a normal mass medium."

Case of Iryna Leushina

Case of Aleh Hruzdzilovich

"We talked for a minute or so and then I heard loud noises, men speaking and Aleh asked, 'What's going on? Who are you?' And we were disconnected. We came to a subjective conclusion that they retaliated for all the years of Aleh's work. Both his and Radio Liberty's because he reported from courtrooms, from rallies."

Case of Aleh Hruzdzilovich

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