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The Press Under Pressure project was created by the Press Club Belarus team in the fall 2020 and still can't be deemed completed. The number of affected journalists keeps growing, stories added and continued.

Repressions against journalists in Belarus 2020–2022

Beatings, injuries, detentions. Searches, arrests, court hearings, prisons. Website blocks, refusal to print and distribute, revocation of credentials…

Repressions against journalists in Belarus 2020–2022 Read more
Case of Maryna Zolatava

"A journalist's work was never easy in our country. For many years, it was connected with risks and obstacles from the authorities. In 2020 this problem has certainly gotten on a different scale. But we chose this profession because it is who we are, because we don't give up easily"

Case of Maryna Zolatava

Case of Siarhei Satsuk

"After the authorities bankrupted BDG with fines, Siarhei Satsuk established Ezhednevnik where he tried to conduct actual investigations. Investigations are a dangerous field, too. Especially when the published materials concerning people in power."

Case of Siarhei Satsuk

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