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The Press Under Pressure project was created by the Press Club Belarus team in the fall 2020 and still can't be deemed completed. The number of affected journalists keeps growing, stories added and continued.

Repressions against journalists in Belarus 2020–2022

Beatings, injuries, detentions. Searches, arrests, court hearings, prisons. Website blocks, refusal to print and distribute, revocation of credentials…

Repressions against journalists in Belarus 2020–2022 Read more
Case of Natalia Lubnevskaya

“Most of us wore blue Press vests, and we all had special badges. It was clearly visible that we were not participants in the event. The man firing was standing ten meters away from me: he took aim, and decided that it was okay to shoot at an unarmed person who was at work who had neither threatened him with anything, nor even seen him.”

Case of Natalia Lubnevskaya

Case of Andrei Skurko

"Just as all other Belarusian journalists, they are not prisoners for some actual crimes they committed but because the freedom of speech is being gradually, stepwise destroyed in Belarus. So it perfectly fits the authorities' concept—to take out any expression of this freedom."

Case of Andrei Skurko

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