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The Press Under Pressure project was created by the Press Club Belarus team in the fall 2020 and still can't be deemed completed. The number of affected journalists keeps growing, stories added and continued.

Repressions against journalists in Belarus 2020–2022

Beatings, injuries, detentions. Searches, arrests, court hearings, prisons. Website blocks, refusal to print and distribute, revocation of credentials…

Repressions against journalists in Belarus 2020–2022 Read more
Case of BAJ

"Belarusian authorities have already crossed the Rubicon and they have no regard for the position of the USA, the European Union, other democratic and professional communities to current events. We anticipate even harsher measures soon."

Case of BAJ

Case of Andrzej Poczobut

"I remember saying many times, 'Turn to the side, Andrzej. You look like Kastus Kalinouski to me.' By the way he acts, by his attitude to business, by his principled position and bravery. It is very sad that people like him, patriots, professionals, principled persons who could be an example for young journalists, are imprisoned."

Case of Andrzej Poczobut

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